Fast Facts Concerning the Elks National Foundation

This year the ENF will spend $28.9 million on our programs, building stronger communities nationwide

The Community Investments Program grants $9.5 million a year to Elks Lodges, enabling Elks to serve their communities.

Your State’s major charitable project receives funding from the ENF each yeaqr. State Grants comprise 30.5% of the ENF’s spending

Our three scholarships—Most Valuable Student, Legacy Awards, and Emergency Educational Grants—help more than3,100 scholars attend college annually.

The Elks Veterans Service Commission receives funding from the ENF to Provide aid and comfort to our nation’s veterans.

ENF youth programs like Hoop Shoot and the Drug Awareness Program encourage kids to lead healthy life styles.

Supp-ort for ENF comes from thousands of generous donors. This year we’ll give back $3.38 for every dollar we raised last year.

At 7.9%, the ENF’s fundamental expenses are far below the Better Business Bureau’s standard for charities of no more than 35%of total spending.

Get involved! You can support the ENF with your donations, volunteer your time through your Lodge, and help build a stronger Community today.


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